DAVID TACHEK, Managing Partner

Midwestern values and work ethic run deep in this family man originally from Cleveland, Ohio. David Tachek projects those values clearly and with confidence, integrity and dedication. He found his love of building later than many in this field; however, David’s previous success in financial services laid a solid foundation for running the complex operation of constructing a high-end custom home. David holds a Bachelors Degree from Spring Hill College where he was introduced to and fell in love with the South. He is a natural with people and has a passion for the details of custom building. He is the son of an artist who has been capturing the beauty of city’s structures for over 30 years and his brothers are an architect and a crane builder. “I was born to do this.” says David. “I’m inspired by the dream to be realized and the memories that the family will create in the home that we built.”

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ANDREW LEE, Managing Partner

Andrew Lee grew up learning the importance of good construction methods. His father is a general contractor and his mother owned a hardware store in their small town. His experience with construction began early as he learned each of the trades individually; the details that separate very healthy houses from the average. His experience as a construction manager began in 1997 and he has continued studying new methods and technologies ever since. With brief learning experiences in high-rise construction and inspections, he has taken very unique lessons back into the custom home building world where he began. He believes that to create the strongest and most unique houses, the entire team of architects, designers, tradesmen and suppliers must act together for the benefit of the homeowner. He holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Evansville and is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

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